Thursday, 16 July 2015

Retro Chic glasses craze!!!!!

This post is about our new additions:
As we all know that the retro chic glasses are the ones taking over this season as ladies are going crazy for different categories of vintage wears from clothes, bags, shoes and even SUNGLASSES (Wow).   Which comes in different styles, pattern and shapes ranging from clear, dark, brown, reflector, prints etc with shapes such as Cat frames, Bow tie, square, round, hexagon and many more.
 The vintage sunglasses are bold, appealing and attractive items to add to an outfit for completeness and to make an extraordinary statement.   This retro chic glasses are suitable for your everyday outing and to jazz up your #OOTD's *winks* depending on the style and color of such glasses.. Don't be left out of this massive fashion statement.. You need your appearance to speak for you right? Then let all those co-workers, friends, neighbors, sisters, hubby, and other acquitances make positive and amazing comments about your beautiful face when you compliment it with retro chic glasses *flips hair*  Babies lets get buying!!! Bobo's buy for your 
woman *shines teeth*    

For further enquiries about how to purchase kindly follow/add

IG: @blazingavenue

BBM : 55C12B13

WHATSAPP : +2348027529052

Email : 

Delivery across Nigeria 


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