Friday, 17 October 2014

My very first post about myself

I'm not going to post stuff about my very private life but I'm going to be posting those little things people would love to know about me...... So instead of stalking my Instagram page, trying to figure out what's going in my life you can just hop in here and find out for yourself... 
    As it is in my about me section that I'm a very spontaneous and fun loving person... I don't go out of my way to have fun, I take pride in minimum fun and surrounded by awesome Friends... 
          I'm a 300 level student of Sociology in the University of Lagos and I'm looking forward to the finish line, it has not been easy but I'm thanking God for how far he has brought me and where he is taking me.
 As for what i'ld like to do after school?  A lot of people seem to be asking me this question lately... Most times i don't even know how to answer it because of the saying that goes "Man propose but God disposes"  but even if I'll like to be a player in Nigeria's economy, I still want to practice sociology because it's an interesting course which in some ways explains social phenomenon, human interaction and how societies co exist amongst many other things. 
   I guess this should be all for now... Thanks for stopping by!


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Bisaino signatures: 27, Thomas Salako street beside tantalizers ogba Ikeja Lagos